Wood's Cider Mill

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    From a small Vermont family farm dating back to the 1700s, Willis Wood magically captures the intense, robust flavor...
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    Willis and Tina Wood press apples in their family's original 1882 cider press, blending the resulting concentrated...
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    Willis Wood's family has been making cider jelly since 1882. By now, they know what they're doing. Prepare...

Wood's Cider Mill Springfield, Vermont

The Tastes: Prepare for robust, just-picked apple flavor. Nearly all 3,000 bushels of apples annually pressed are Macintosh varietals from farms within 30 square miles of the mill. Evaporate apple cider 7 to 1, and boiled cider results. Evaporate it 9 to 1, and you'll enjoy cider jelly. Combine pure Vermont maple syrup with boiled cider and cinnamon, and you have cinnamon cider syrup. New England cooks traditionally used boiled cider for making custard or mincemeat pies, or rich, chunky boiled cider apple sauce. Use it to intensify the flavor of an apple crisp, in salad dressing, as a pork or chicken glaze, or with Chinese food as a sweet and sour. Flavor precedes sweetness in cider jelly used as a sandwich spread, with turkey, or as a cheeseboard accompaniment. Cinnamon cider syrup adds fall apple zest to French toast, pancakes, waffles, or ice cream.

The Story: Since 1882, Willis Wood's family has run Wood's Cider Mill in Weathersfield, Vermont, on land first settled by Willis' ancestors in 1798. Since the 1970s, Willis and Tina Wood have run the farm and mill where they've raised their own family, dedicating their lives to preserving the almost-lost arts of making boiled cider and cider jelly. Today, their daughter Marina works alongside them in the mill, as her own children grow up on the farm.

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