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A+ Snacks College Care Package


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Brainfood that will send them straight to the front of the class!

This tasty, healthful gift is just what they'll need to crunch their way through a cram session or spread the love with a study buddy. They'll be powered by protein with Mr. Filbert's Rosemary Air-Roasted Almonds, Three Jerks Filet Mignon Beef Jerky, and irresistibly creamy Cream-Nut Peanut Butter from Koeze Company. Crisp Water Crackers will gladly become a host for a mini open-faced PB&J, sweetened with Brin's Banana Jam. A double pack of Upstate New York favorite Augie Granola can be enjoyed with or without moo juice. We'll wrap it up with three pieces of the season's best fruits, which you and your recipient are both guaranteed to find absolutely a-peeling.

Three Jerks - Filet Mignon Beef Jerky: A healthy, sustaining & great-tasting snack, packed with protein.

2 oz.

Koeze Company - Cream-Nut Peanut Butter: Coarsely ground peanuts and lightly seasoned with sea salt, make this simply irresistible peanut butter.

17 oz.

Brins - Banana Jam: A simple but super addictive jam that pairs perfectly with peanut butter!

7.5 oz.

Elki Gourmet - Water Crackers: A thin, crisp wafer with great taste and texture, ideal for slathering with peanut butter!

4.4 oz.

Augie Treats - Original Granola: A top-shelf granola with organic rolled oats, maple syrup, nuts and sea salt

3 oz.

Augie Treats - Sunny Day Granola: Loaded with fruit, this granola has amazing texture and flavor.

3 oz.

Fresh Fruit: We'll choose the season's best, from apples to pears to oranges.

3 pieces

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**A Note on Substitutions:
Because many of our items are made in very small batches and some are made to order, we may need to occasionally swap an out-of-stock item for a similar one. Be assured it will be of equal or greater value and equally delicious!