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Classic Gum Syrup

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A versatile way to upgrade your cocktails.

Long a staple in the world's best cocktail bars, gum syrup is a simple syrup combined with gum arabic, an all-natural emulsifier derived from African Acacia trees. The addition of gum arabic lends the syrup a silky and more luxuriant mouthfeel when compared to a common simple syrup. It is a superior sweetener with incredible versatility.

This classic gum syrup from Austin-based Liber & Company is a rich 2:1 simple syrup, meaning a little goes a long way. Great in aromatic, spirit-forward cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Sazerac.


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Very Versatile
Aug 6, 2014  |  By Ashley Amford
A very versatile mixer to stock any bar. Use in small doses instead of having to make your own simple syrup - it's a time saver!

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