Split Pea Soup

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen
Weight: 12.5 oz

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Family Owned
Gluten Free
Glenville, New York

Taste how good (and fast) healthy can be! Inspired by Healthy Gourmet Kitchen's founder Mary Song's own family favorite, for a split pea soup bursting with flavor, simply add water and a ham bone or use vegetable stock for a vegetarian/vegan option. Simmer on the stove for a few hours and delight your family with the delicious aroma of homemade soup that is extremely easy to make.

Premium herbs, spices and real food. Gluten Free, non GMO, and no added MSG, salt, or sugar.

In Mary Song's Healthy Gourmet Kitchen, easy meals meet healthful, cost-effective, delicious, global inspirations. From appetizers to mains to desserts, these starter kits are filled with quality veggies, spices, and herbs that have even those who don't consider themselves cooks saying her products "make me feel like a real chef."

Mary's years of harrowing work schedules and desire to benefit her own health through thoughtful eating led her to launch Healthy Gourmet Kitchen in 2015 in New York state's Capital District. Take a peek through the packaging, and see the gorgeous colors and layers of flavor you'll soon be enjoying. Read the labels and rest assured of the ingredients, which are hand-blended, and hand-packed with premium herbs and hand-ground spices. Most have no added sugar, low sodium or no added salt, many are gluten free, and some are vegan. None have any added MSG or artificial anything.


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