Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Weight: 16.9 fluid ounces

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Family Owned
  • Certified Organic
  • Olive variety: Blend of up to seven olive varieties, principally Picuda, Picual and Hojiblanca
  • Unfiltered, "Flor de Aceite" free-run oil
  • 0.2% Acidity makes for a very smooth, sweet olive oil, unmarred by sharpness
  • Hints of green apple, almond, grasses, lemon & burnt orange
  • An excellent olive oil for salads, entrees and even desserts

From Spain to your table comes this celebrated organic olive oil, esteemed by connoisseurs to be one of the world's finest.

The Núñez de Prado family has been producing olive oil from their groves in Baena, Spain since 1795. Enjoy the tantalizing nuances of green olives, oranges, lemons, grasses, almonds, and apples accentuated by a smooth, sweet finish. Explore your epicurean options—salads, entrées, and even desserts can benefit from the delectable flavor of this versatile olive oil.

100% Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
In the sun-kissed hills of Baena, Spain, located below the mountains of the Sierra Madre, the Núñez de Prado family has been producing olive oil for seven generations. This region of Andalusia is renowned for its sunny climate, excellent soil, incomparable olive oil groves, and strict quality control.

Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic and made from a blend of up to 7 different olive varieties grown in the family's groves. Handpicked olives are processed in the family's mill using an ancient method devised by the Marquis de Acapulco. The process involves crushing the olives under granite stones, after which the paste is placed on a fine-mesh screen. Only the oil that flows through the screen by gravity - no pressure is applied - is bottled in its unfiltered form. The oil has an extraordinarily low oleic acidity of 0.1%. It is commonly called the Flor del Aceite (flower of the oil) because, while only 8% of the olive's oil content is released during its gentle processing, virtually all the savory senses of smell and taste are concentrated within.

Each bottle from this special limited-quantity harvest is numbered individually. This ensures that specific groves—and even individual trees—can be determined, allowing complete traceability and ensuring the highest quality. Want to visit the trees that produced your olive oil? Each bottle contains a personal invitation from the Núñez de Prado family to visit the family mill in Baena, Spain.

World renowned Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the Spain's most famous olive oils, and has been featured in more than 100 television programs and 800 articles.