Ortiz Bonito del Norte (White Tuna in Olive Oil)

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Ortiz White Tuna Glass Jar Silo

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Ortiz Bonito del Norte (White Tuna in Olive Oil)

Conservas Ortiz
Weight: 7.05 oz

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Family Owned
  • Individually line caught white tuna from the Bay of Biscay
  • Prepared in an artisanal way, by cooking and storing in olive oil

Conservas Ortiz Bonito del Norte (White Tuna in Olive Oil) is the gold standard for excellent quality and flavor. Prepared in an entirely artisanal way, the exquisite taste and delicate texture of the tuna make it perfect atop a Niçoise salad, inside of a stuffed pepper or tomato, or on a slice of crusty bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Ideal in a Niçoise salad
  • A delicious addition to pasta dishes
Bonito del Norte (White Tuna), Olive oil, Salt
For five generations, Conservas Ortiz, established in 1891 in Spain's Basque country, has been one of Iberia's (and, more recently, the world's) most beloved purveyors of artisanally preserved seafood from the nearby Bay of Biscay.

Conservas Ortiz preserves their products in the craft way, respecting traditional fishing methods. The result can be seen in the unmistakable texture of their products and their natural flavor which sets them apart from the rest.

In the Bay of Biscay, there appear every summer, huge shoals of white tuna. The weathered fishermen aboard the fishing boats of the Ortiz fleet use traditional methods to catch the plump Atlantic tuna. The white tuna are individually line caught with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season. This age-old technique of selective fishing (which also avoids unwanted fish being discarded) respects the environment and protects marine reserves. Prepared in an entirely artisanal way, the flavor of the tuna is locked in by cooking and storing the exquisite fish in olive oil.