Stone Ground Grits

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Stone Ground Grits

Luquire Family Foods
Weight: 1.5 pound bag

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Family Owned
y Award Winning
  • Stone ground from unenriched white corn
  • Easy to prepare
  • Simply add shrimp, chicken, sausage or vegetables to a pan of simmering Carolina Creole and serve over grits
  • Product of South Carolina

The perfect complement to Carolina Creole? Stone Ground Grits, of course! These all natural grits hail from Greenwood, South Carolina, where the Luquire family started milling grits and flour in the late 1930's. Easy to prepare, the grits are a perfect foundation for creole sauces, and are a staple for a hearty breakfast!
Unenriched white corn

For almost five decades, the Luquire family has been serving up some of the tastiest creole on the Carolina coast. Not to be confused with the creole sauces that pepper the state of Louisiana, Carolina Creole hails from Georgetown, South Carolina, where the family has been shrimping and fishing for generations.

The rich and vibrant sauce is a unique recipe that has been handed down in the family by word of mouth. The matriarch, Josephine "Jo" Luquire, first crafted the recipe almost 50 years ago when the family moved to the small seaside town of Georgetown. Since then, the Luquires have focused their kitchen around using the plentiful bounty of the surrounding marshes, fields, waterways and storied rice plantations.

The Luquire family also started milling grits and flour in the late 1930s. Their stone ground grits are the perfect complement to Carolina Creole, and are a Sofi Gold Winner in the Outstanding Pasta, Grain or Rice category.