Summerdown Chocolate Mint Crisps

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Summerdown Chocolate Mint Crisps

Summerdown Mint
Weight: 7.05 oz

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Family Owned
Basingstoke, UK
y Award Winning
  • From single-origin Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil
  • Each box contains 30 mint crisps

These luxuriously thin, crispy wafers are made from rare single-estate Black Mitcham Peppermint, grown on the Summerdown Mint farm in Hampshire, England. The peppermint oil is combined with rich, dark chocolate and natural rice crisps for a cookie with an intense mint flavor and aroma. A perfect complement to a cup of steaming tea or coffee!

Sugar, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Summerdown peppermint oil.

Sir Michael Colman is passionate about peppermint. Since the 1990's, he has had a love affair with growing pure Black Mitcham peppermint and turning it in to a range of products under the Summerdown Mint brand. Now in his 80's, he remains at the helm of Summerdown Mint.

Sir Michael hails from the Colman mustard empire and has been involved in business for most of his life. Having reached the age of retirement but not wanting to retire, he founded Summerdown on the farm his father left him in 1961.

Colman was convinced of the business opportunities offered in peppermint, and one of the key successes of Summerdown Mint has been the re-introduction of Black Mitcham peppermint to the UK. Once the leading producer of the finest mint in the world, England's cultivation declined in the 1930's when the variety was taken to America, which became the principal grower. Colman, convinced of the superior quality of Black Mitcham peppermint, reintroduced it to the UK on a plot of land the size of a tennis court. Over the years the plot grew and today, over 80 acres at Summerdown are dedicated to the mint crop, producing a single-estate peppermint oil which goes into the variety of Summerdown products.

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