Wild Mountain Capers in Sea Salt

Les Moulins Mahjoub
Weight: 100 grams

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Family Owned

Hand harvested, and dried by the sun.

Capers are the cured flower buds of a native Mediterranean bush that grows in the mountains of the Mediterranean. Ours come from Les Moulins Mahjoub, a fourth generation family owned and operated company located in the verdant Mejerda Valley in North Central Tunisia.

Unlike most commercial capers that are packed in brine, the Mahjoub's wild, hand-harvested capers are dried in sea salt to preserve their distinct flavor. Add them to salad dressings, marinades, cured salmon, and sautéed or grilled fish dishes. Capers work especially well with olives and tomatoes. As with all of the Mahjoub products, this is produced using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes. Organic.

  • Add to salad dressings and marinades
  • A nice garnish for smoked salmon
  • Delicious in Greek salads
  • An essential ingredient in a traditional Puttanesca sauce
Wild Mountain Capers, Sea Salt

Les Moulins Mahjoub is a fourth generation owned and operated family company located in the fertile Mejerda Valley of North Central Tunisia.

Heir to a rich agricultural tradition, Les Moulins Mahjoub company, based in Tebourba, produces a range of traditional Mediterranean products. Tebourba is one of a few towns in Tunisia whose population has a quite special original character. It is composed almost entirely of descendants of the Moors driven out of Andalucía who settled on the site of the old Tuburbum Minus, on the left bank of the Medjerda.

The district of Tebourba is rich and fertile. It produces large amounts of cereals; there are abundant crops of olives, market gardening (truck farming) is highly developed and very varied.

Exceptionally good soil and growing methods that respect the natural and biological balances of nature, combined with the use of traditional farming methods and hand processing techniques, enable Les Moulins Mahjoub 'haute couture' products to be made, meeting the most stringent quality standards.

All Mahjoub products are produced with no additives or artificial processes.