Gifts for the Cocktail Enthusiast

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  • $149.00
    The mint julep has long been a cherished tradition of the South, with over 120,000 served at Churchill Downs in...
  • $18.00
    Don't degrade your carefully crafted cocktails with poor quality ice. Peak's sturdy-yet-flexible tray is crafted...
  • $19.95
    Make and enjoy seasonal drinks like Hot Buttered Rum, the Holiday Bellini, 'Tis the Season Sangria, and Foamy Mexican...
  • $38.00
    Raise the bar on your next cocktail celebration with these beautiful cocktail picks made from professional grade...
  • $27.50
    Hops are the most important ingredient in the beer we love, offering a spectrum of distinct aromas, flavors, and...
  • $120.00
    From Stirrings, we've included an easy-to-prepare margarita mix with just the right blend of lime juice and cane...
  • $58.00
    Cultural icons have long been in love with the martini: James Bond, Billy Wilder, Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich....
  • $127.00
    The formula is simple: whiskey, bitters, sweetener, and ice. But how you combine those ingredients — in what...
  • $98.00
    We've curated this special gift with the beer lover in mind. The Beer Bible covers everything you need ... 
  • $14.95
    From Marilyn Monroe's Manhattan in Some Like It Hot to The Dude's White Russian in The Big Lebowski to New... 
  • $140.00
    Meehan's Bartender Manual is mixologist Jim Meehan's magnum opus — and the first book of the modern era to...
  • $45.00
    Perfect cocktails call for precision measuring, and these handsome stainless steel measuring spoons from master...

Gifts for the Cocktail Enthusiast

The modern cocktail revival has been a boon for the home mixologist. If you're looking for a gift for just such a person you've come to the right place. The Savory Pantry is one of the leading independent food and drink gift shops with two stand-alone stores and an online shop that serves everyone everywhere.

Cocktail gifts make wonderful gifts because they are just the kind of thing a home mixologist might hesitate to buy for himself. A shelf-stable specialty bottle of bitters or special jar of cherries will last a long time so need to worry about duplication. At the Savory Pantry our forte is unique pairings: a pair of negroni glasses nestled in with a negroni recipe & art book, bottle of negroni bitters, and package of air-dried cara cara oranges. It is but one example of alcohol gifts sets that will please the cocktail lover in your life. Martinis, Manhattans, Bloody Marys... check out our unique selection of cocktail gift baskets and totes.

We've got a huge selection of bitters, garnishes, mixers, syrups and shrubs. Shelves of boozy books, too. Barware essentials include a curated collection of julep cups, mixing glasses, bar spoons, and more. And we've always got tasteful (or funny) seasonal cocktail napkins to toss into your gift bag. And for fun check out our jigsaws and tea towels with spirited themes.

When it comes to cocktail kits or drink-forward gift sets you can spend a little, you can spend a lot. We've done the hard work of making sure you have the best selection to choose from, a wholly different endeavor from offering you everything. We ship nationwide and are always available to help with custom orders. Your hosts will be happy you stopped by our shop!

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