Salts & Spices
  • $8.99
    This raw cacao powder is made from organic cacao beans from the famous Kokoa Kamili cooperative in the Morogoro...
  • $9.99
    Grown on the small Tanzanian island of Pemba, famous for its cloves, these are hand-picked at the last possible...
  • $28.00
    Slow-smoked in bourbon barrel staves, the spices in this essential spice set make grilling and mealtime a breeze....
  • $124.00
    Everyone who cooks—indeed everyone who eats—needs to care about salt. It's our most important natural...
  • $24.00
    According to New York Times columnist and former chef Samin Nosrat, salt is one of the four fundamental elements of...

Salt & Spices

There's good pantry news and bad pantry news these days. On the plus side, there has never been such a variety of specialty salts and unique spices for home cooks to choose from. The problem? The abundance of choice can be overwhelming. Well, separating the wheat from chaff--that's our job. We've scoured the national and international marketplace to bring you a manageable selection--all of top quality--from sea salt and fleur de sel to truffle salt and herb-flavored salt. Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, knowing how to stock your pantry with specialty spices with the right ingredients is essential. Local artisans salts and spices can add punch and kick to a dish, or bring out the natural flavors in certain foods. Whether its fresh from the sea and dried in the sun, or mined from the Himalayan mountains and heat-dried in a kiln, salt is an essential mineral we all need, and an essential pantry staple all cooks covet.

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