Summerdown Peppermint Tea

Summerdown Mint
Weight: 0.84 oz

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Family Owned
Gluten Free
Hampshire, United Kingdom
Europe's Gold Great Taste Award Award Winning

English mint was once famous as the best in the world: the French still call peppermint menthe anglaise, or English mint. A shift to intensive food production during the 20th century meant that cultivation died out -- until Summerdown Mint revived it.

Peppermint tea is valued for its digestive and calming properties, and this is one of the best. Summerdown English peppermint tea is made with pure Black Mitcham mint leaves, dried and infused with essential oil from Summerdown's own distillery. Fresh, aromatic and bright, this is mint as your great-grandparents knew it - very different from harsher blended and imported mint of the past 60 years. It won gold in Europe's prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Each box contains 20 enveloped tea bags.

Pure Black Mitcham peppermint leaf and oil