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Tea Time Treasures


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Whether tea time is a pause to gather energy for an active afternoon or a smooth segue into a relaxing evening, our Tea Time Treasures gift comes complete with plenty of warmth and crunch for tea lovers.

Begin the centuries-old ritual by steeping Rooibos, Black, or Green silken pyramid infusers filled with whole leaf teas from the world's finest tea estates, brought to you by Tea Forté. If desired, sweeten the steaming cup by dipping Berard's handmade olive wood honey dipper into luxurious Canadian White Gold Honey, also ideal for spreading on warm breads. Crunch through conversation or quiet contemplation with award-winning buttery shortbread from The House of Edinburgh and Gilda's Italian-style Biscotti. Add a zing to shortbread, scones, miniature pie shells, or toast with a Savory Pantry favorite, Elizabethan Pantry Traditional Lemon Curd. Tea-themed beverage napkins are sure to add a special touch to any afternoon tea time. Let's toast to tea!

Tea Forté - The Tea Forté Sampler: 10 silken pyramid infusers filled with whole leaf teas from the world's finest tea estates, includes Rooibos, Black, and Green.

10 infusers

The Shortbread House of Edinburgh - Original Scottish Shortbread: Imported from Scotland, this shortbread is made by hand and slowly baked until golden brown.

6 oz

Continental Systems: Canadian White Gold Honey: A silky smooth, versatile honey, ideal for spreading on warm breads or for sweetening tea.

14 oz.

Elizabethan Pantry - Traditional Lemon Curd: A thick, traditional spread that's perfect for spreading on toast or scones.

11 oz

Gilda's Biscotti - Vanilla Bean Biscotti: Italian Style biscotti made with rich vanilla, a sweet and crunchy dessert.

8 oz

Tea Themed Beverage Napkins: Use to add a special touch at your next afternoon tea.

20 napkins

Berard: Olive Wood Honey Dipper: Hand made from Olive Wood, which provides rich and unique coloring.

One 6" dipper


Kraft Gift Box, 11 1/8" x 8 3/4" x 4"

**A Note on Substitutions:

Because many of our items are made in very small batches and some are made to order, we may need to occasionally swap an out-of-stock item for a similar one. Be assured it will be of equal or greater value and equally delicious!


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