Potlicker Kitchen

Featured Producer: Potlicker Kitchen

A common Southern name for the liquid remaining in the pot when ingredients are simmered for hours, the Potlicker Kitchen name also imbues all founder Nancy Warner does to encourage her customers to savor the best ingredients and get the most out of life.

Just a year before Potlicker Kitchen's sales skyrocketed, Nancy was transforming the passion for foraging that she'd developed as an archaeologist into a canning hobby. After making one of the first beer jellies on the market from a friend's Vermont home-brewed beer, customers couldn't get enough. Today, her full line relies on "traditional techniques with uncommon flavors," using local ingredients whenever possible.

In The Savory Pantry, you'll find award-winning flavors like Margarita Marmalade, Cucumber Jalapeno Jam, Vermont Crafted Carrot Cake Jam, and Apricot Ale and India Pale Ale Beer Jellies. (And keep your mouth open for the soon-to-be-stocked Cabernet & Black Pepper Wine Jelly.)

Join us in the Potlicker Kitchen and get to know Nancy Warner through our "Meet the Maker" post on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Patagonia Bee Products

Featured Producer: Patagonia Bee Products

When native Arkansan Jacob Perry went to South America for a backpacking trip in 2011, little did he know that he'd taste a honey whose flavor would captivate him so significantly that he wouldn't be able to get it out of his mind for years to come. Not only would he launch Patagonia Bee Products to share geographically unique "hive to hand" honeys with the world, but in the process, Patagonia Bee Products would be the impetus for the revision of Chilean law to better support the livelihoods of small beekeepers and food producers, as well as providing economically sustainable support for rain forests. When you insist on the highest standards in taste, beekeeping, and personal relationships, incredible results are possible.

Patagonia Bee Products coined the term "hive to hand" to describe their process of bringing honey from the hive of a beekeeper to the hand of the consumer without much involvement aside from jarring and shipping, ensuring their honey is in the most unmolested, unadulterated form possible, simultaneously preserving its health benefits. Each jar comes from a single beekeeper, preserving the uniqueness of a place and a harvest season. Every beekeeper takes their honey, when ready, to a small plant registered with the Chilean government, where it is simply placed in a jar. It is not pasteurized, ultra-filtered, or homogenized, and nothing is added to it.

In every bite, lick, or drizzle, you'll experience the lush rainforests of Patagonia as a taste. Like wine, honey imbues flavors and aromas from the flowering trees visited by the bees who make it, imparting luscious floral properties into the honey. Since the hives that yield Ulmo, Tiaca, and Tineo honeys (named for the flowers pollinated by the bees producing them) border the pristine, native, largely untouched rainforests of Chile, a single taste instantly transports you. Because these flowers are endemic to the virgin rainforest, Patagonia is the only place in the world these honeys are found. You'll be hard pressed to find honey more delicious and pure.

Learn about Patagonia Bee Products, the myth about local honeys and allergies, setting dignified wages for beekeepers, and more in our Meet the Maker interview on our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen

Featured Producer: Healthy Gourmet Kitchen

In Mary Song's Healthy Gourmet Kitchen, easy meals meet healthful, cost-effective, delicious, global inspirations. From appetizers to mains to desserts, these starter kits are filled with quality veggies, and herbs and spices that are often hand-ground. Her kits have even those who don't consider themselves cooks saying her slow cooker meals, soups, and dips make them feel like "a real chef."

Mary's years of harrowing work schedules and desire to benefit her own health through thoughtful eating led her to launch Healthy Gourmet Kitchen in 2015 in New York state's Capital District, about half an hour from The Savory Pantry's Saratoga Store. Mary's recipes take inspiration from her work and life in the Middle East, global travels, and phenomenal dishes of her own Italian mother-in-law.

Take a peek through the packaging and see the gorgeous colors and layers of flavor you'll soon be enjoying. Read the labels and rest assured that nearly every dish can be prepared free of gluten, without added MSG, salt, or sugar, is Non-GMO, and is often vegan or offers an option to be prepared as vegan. These are recipes that are sure to please the whole family.

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New England Cranberry

Featured Producer: New England Cranberry

With the goal of creating innovative, natural, healthful, and exciting cranberry products, New England Cranberry is a family business making tasteful use of Massachusetts' native crop. For 25 years, the same recipe has served as the company's cornerstone: Colonial Cranberry Sauce was developed from a recipe used during the American Colonial era.

In all their products, New England Cranberry uses whole berries to ensure maximum health benefits of this tart, tasty superfood. Try their Cranberry Bog Honey, a gift from bees that buzz around New England cranberry blossoms; Cranberry Chutney, made with fruit, walnuts, and a touch of vinegar; and Cranberry Pepper Jelly, "spicy but not too hot," that will transform your turkey sandwiches and pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses.

Enjoy these fruitful New England Cranberry products on your holiday table, and read our "Meet the Maker" interview with owner Allison Goldberg on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Little Belgians

Featured Producer: Little Belgians

From special molds, Evy Ballegeer creates traditional crispy bites that are favorite coffee and tea accompaniments in her native Belgium. Made rich and complex with organic butter and nine spices--including cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper, and ginger--speculoos (meaning mirrors, as they are perfect reflections of their molds) are edible pieces of art. From her Berkeley, California, bakery Evy revives her history, heritage, and childhood memories in these delectable tributes to a national tradition intended to bring people together as they savor every bite.

Expanding on this tradition, Little Belgians has recently elevated a camping classic. Their s'mores incorporate handmade, all-natural marshmallows from Bay-area-local The Candy and small squares of also-local TCHO chocolate. These cookies for these cutest-ever-s'mores are made from a "campfire" mold.

When you gift or enjoy these memorable treats from The Savory Pantry, you share the spirit and tradition baked into every Little Belgian cookie.

Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon

Featured Producer:
Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon

From the western North Carolina town of Waynesville, Jessica DeMarco and her brother, Dan Stubee, are "preserving tradition" at Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon through handcrafted and seasonally produced jams, pickles, and artisan foods.

The siblings' grandparents were farmers who nurtured an enjoyment of food at regular family dinners. After attending culinary school, DeMarco had success as a pastry chef, but wanted to create products that would allow her flexibility for her own growing family. Landing on the theme of preserving tradition, DeMarco conceptualized this generational family value not only as literally making preserves (which she taught herself to do by obsessively poring over cookbooks and trying countless recipes), but also as inspiring people to think about food heritage, maintaining food traditions, and preserving foods so as to be self-sufficient and plan for the future.

Three years after the first experiments in making Pepper and Peach jam, this kicky delight became a Food & Wine Magazine Editor's Pick. The jam lineup has expanded to include Blueberry Bourbon Jam, Apple Moonshine Jam, and savory Oven Roasted Tomato Jam. Other twists on classic southern favorites include Copper Pot Garlic Dill Pickles, Southern Style Pickled Okra, Spicy Jalapeno Dill Sandwich Chips, Dilly Beans with Pickled Peppers, and Onion and Peppercorn Pickles.

As you taste Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon, you'll also taste the season's best from western Carolina local producers along with a heaping serving of nostalgia. Read our interview with Jessica DeMarco on the Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Catskill Provisions

Featured Producer: Catskill Provisions

When Claire Marin was a publishing executive, beekeeping was her hobby. With the rapid rise of the digital age, the publishing world felt competitive in a way it never had before. Claire began more closely watching her bees as they worked together in cooperation toward a common goal, their role in their environment clearly defined. Inspired by the collaborative work of the bees, she left her publishing career Catskill Provisions in 2010.

Led by the pillars of integrity and authenticity, every Catskill Provisions product is a nod toward the greater good: contributing to environmental sustainability, fueling New York's local economies, and protecting pollinators. Today, Claire tends over 300 beehives in New York State's Delaware, Sullivan, and Madison Counties, working with local beekeepers to create small batch, hand-packed honey harvested twice annually in fall and spring.

Catskill Provisions Raw Wildflower Spring Honey evokes the wildflowers of spring with floral notes of cherry and pear blossom, pairing well with cheese, yogurt, light teas, cocktails, and vinaigrettes. The Raw Wildflower Fall Honey is complex, with deep flavors of chestnut and maple, pairing perfectly with aged cheeses, chocolate, and darker teas, and is ideal for use in marinades and cocktails.

Other tasty items in her product lineup include Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix and New York Grade A Maple Syrup. You'll definitely want to stick a fry in Honey Infused All-Natural Ketchup, sweetened with the fall honey. Chocolate honey truffles are a great reward yourself without tons of sugar, their sweetness coming from a tiny amount Catskill Provisions honey in the ganache and 72% dark chocolate.

Marin has had tremendous success with her award-winning Catskill Provisions Honey Whiskey and we hope you'll join us in cheering her on in her current project: becoming the fourth woman in the US to have a distillery.

Read our Meet the Maker interview with Catskill Provisions founder Clarie Marin on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Castronovo Chocolate

Featured Producer: Castronovo Chocolate

Since many Castronovo Chocolate bars are made from heirloom strains of cacao found deep in the jungle and believed to be among the original cacao strains, it's no wonder that they taste like something most of us have never had before.

Widely recognized for their unique flavors, Castronovo bars have been celebrated with prestigious awards from the International Chocolate Awards World Finals, The Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, and the Good Food Awards for fine flavor, direct trade, and their sustainability mission. In fact, Denise Castronovo is the only US woman to be recognized with an International Chocolate Award.

All of this is done from a 700 square foot space with one oven for roasting and two stone grinders. Each work day, Castronovo's focus is on one type of bar at a time. Amazonas 72%, Honduras Dark Milk 60% with Fleur de Sel, Sierra Nevada Colombia Dark 72%, and Sierra Nevada Colombia Dark Milk offer hints of the geography of which they were born. And then there's the Savory Pantry staff's favorite white chocolate bar ever . . . Castronovo's White Chocolate with Lemon Oil & Sea Salt . . . silky white chocolate punctuated by zesty lemon and just the right crunch of salt. Every bar honors the unique taste of the beans from which it came.

Denise Castronovo's deep and nuanced understanding of the connection of origin and flavor have lead her company's sustainability mission. Having gone to college for environmental studies, earned a masters in economics, started a PhD program in ecology, and spent years working in the field of geographic information, Denise has a firm grasp on the complexities of offering an alternative to a broken system of the commercial chocolate industry.

Head to the jungle with us as we talk with Denise Castronovo in our "Meet the Maker" interview on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Kelly's Jelly

Featured Producer: Kelly's Jelly

Oregon-based award-winning Kelly's Jelly will easily convince you that their pepper jellies and preserves offer "the perfect complement." When one considers their depth of inspired flavor and versatility, it is no wonder why these products elevate a range of savory and sweet dishes.

What began with a hand-written recipe handed down from owner Kelly Calabria's Great Aunt Danny turned into a somewhat dangerous habanero kitchen experiment before it became Kelly's Jelly's Scovie-Award-Winning  (and then 2014 and 2016 Good Food Awards winning) Habanero Pepper Jelly. Taste their Strawberry Habanero Pepper JellyMarionberry Habanero Pepper Jelly, and Pineapple Jalapeño Pepper Jelly, and we think you'll agree that their all award-worthy. The company's collaborative, elevate-everyone approach to entrepreneurship will also win you over, as you find yourself accompanying everything from roasted chicken to cheese boards to cornbread to ice cream with these jelly jewels.

Spend some more time with Kelly's Jelly in our "Meet the Maker" interview on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Liber & Co

Featured Producer: Liber & Co

Austin, Texas-based Liber & Co's essential cocktail syrups have a loyal following in their own back yard and nationwide. Liber, meaning "the free one," was the Roman god of fine drinks and good times. Launched in 2011 by Texas natives Robert Higginbotham, Adam Higginbotham, and Chris Harrison, Liber & Co's goal is to equip home bartenders with the cocktail mixers they need to replicate drinks at the best bars in the world. They love to suggest great recipes, but thrive on the idea that people will use their products to come up with unique expressions of themselves and their tastes, empowering customers to follow their own intuitions and use their creativity to come up with concoctions that are entirely new.

The Savory Pantry proudly stocks every Liber & Co.'s Spiced Tonic, Fiery Ginger, Tropical Passion Fruit, Classic Gum, and Almond Orgeat Syrups, as well as their Texas Grapefruit Shrub. Make their festive Burlesque Martini for your New Year's fete or see our blog archives to serve The Savory Pantry's Fiery Rasperback Cocktail (featuring their Fiery Ginger Syrup). Any way you pour it, Liber & Co brings incredible, original taste to your glass!

To learn more about Liber & Co, read our "Meet the Maker" interview on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Oliver Pluff & Co.

Featured Producer: Oliver Pluff & Co.

Charleston, South Carolina-based Oliver Pluff & Company's mission is to connect customers to American heritage through historic beverages. Their English Wassail spice blends lend themselves perfectly to cider and wine, their orange clove and lemon ginger hot toddy kits provide the ideal winter warmers, and their hand-packed teas come direct from growers as some of the freshest you'll ever taste. Luxurious papers wrap their packaging, which feels like an invitation to a very special experience.

A self-proclaimed history nerd, founder Kyle Brown became intrigued by tea while spending six years as a relief worker in Africa and Latin America. Enjoying the flavors and ritual, he launched the company with a focus on bringing specialty iced tea to American markets. A curiosity about the origins and history of beverages has broadened the line, which grew quickly after an order from Colonial Williamsburg and now sells to more than 300 historic sites nationwide.

You'll love the storied traditions and incredible flavor of every product from Oliver Pluff & Co. Enjoy our interview with founder Kyle Brown on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Wood's Cider Mill

Featured Producer: Wood's Cider Mill

Since 1882, Willis Wood's family has run Wood's Cider Mill in Weathersfield, Vermont, on land first settled by Willis' ancestors in 1798. Since the 1970s, Willis and Tina Wood have run the farm and mill where they've raised their own family, dedicating their lives to preserving the almost-lost arts of making boiled cider and cider jelly--traditional New England products that nearly vanished. Today their daughter Marina works alongside them in the mill, as her own children grow up on the farm. Nearly all the apples they press are Macintosh varietals that come from farms within 30 square miles of their mill--an incredible 3,000 bushels annually.

Evaporate apple cider about 7 to 1, and boiled cider results. Evaporate it a bit more--about 9 to 1--and you can enjoy cider jelly. Cider jelly remains the biggest seller for Wood's Cider Mill, and the Woods make between ten and thirty thousand pounds of it each year. Combine pure Vermont maple syrup with boiled cider and a touch of cinnamon, and you have cinnamon cider syrup.

New England cooks traditionally used boiled cider for making custard or mincemeat pies, or rich, chunky boiled cider apple sauce. Use it in your home cooking to intensify the flavor of an apple crisp, in salad dressing, as a glaze for pork or chicken, or with Chinese food as a sweet and sour. Flavor precedes sweetness in cider jelly, which you'll love as a sandwich spread, with turkey or chicken as you would use cranberry sauce, or as a cheeseboard accompaniment. Cinnamon cider syrup adds fall apple zest to French toast, pancakes, waffles, or ice cream. Expect robust, just-picked apple flavor and a multi-generational sense of reverence for their craft in every product from Wood's Cider Mill.

Read our interview with Willis Wood on our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog.

A L'Olivier

Featured Producer: A L'Olivier

Founded in Paris in 1822, A L'Olivier is France's most respected producer of specialty oils and vinegars. In 1978, Jean-Claude Blanvillain bought the company. Since the time his son Jérôme Blanvillain was doing his homework in the company's Paris shop, the aromas, tastes, and traditions of A L'Olivier have become an inextricable part of who he is and how he lives. Twenty years ago, the senior Blanvillain retired and left the business in the capable hands of brothers Jérôme and Benoît, who work on different aspects of the business. Together, the brothers have expanded exporting, and various parts of the business now reach across France (from Paris to Portiers to Nice and Grasse).

Jérôme's interest in infusing fresh herbs into high-quality extra virgin olive oil led to the development of a vacuum-sealing process that has become one of the company's modern signatures. Oils are infused during the peak season for that particular herb, harvested by nearby farmers within days of infusion. French Lavender, Porcini & Black Truffle, Garlic & Thyme, and Basil burst from these oils to deliver the best of the season to your table. Choose A L'Olivier's Passion Fruit, Raspberry, or Fig Fruit Vinegar and you'll experience 40% fruit pulp that delivers bright, lively flavor and makes for luxurious sauces.

Whether you're enjoying infused oils or vinegars, at A L'Olivier, taste speaks for itself. Read our interview with Jérôme Blanvillain on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Le Bon Magot

Featured Producer: Le Bon Magot®

Naomi Mobed was raised a culinary citizen of the world and Le Bon Magot® (mă-gō′), or "the hidden treasure," is the culmination of her family's culinary journey. In every jar of her whole fruit jams and chutneys, generations of global influence and family tradition are sealed.

You'll taste heritage and experiences from Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and beyond. Spiced Raisin Marmalata transports you down the Silk Road, thru musky, oud-scented kasbahs and bustling markets. Clouds of spices linger in the air as bright tapestries shroud stuccoed doorways. Lemon-Sultana is a bright, sunny marmalade with floral depth coming from the saffron, liquorice notes from the caraway and citrus from both fresh and desiccated lemon zest. You'll also love discovering Binjal Caponata (purple aubergine, cumin, and curry leaves), Tomato and White Sultana Chutney (with ginger and garam masala), White Pumpkin and Almond Murabba (with cardamom and vanilla).

Le Bon Magot® sets itself apart from many other producers of chutneys and jams with recipes that rely on abundant high-quality and seasonal fresh produce that is never frozen. Le Bon Magot® takes seriously its responsibility in the global supply chain, recognizing that its choices and standards, as part of a broader community of artisan producers, can influence the way that food is grown, processed, marketed, and regulated around the world. Consequently, every jar is hand-made, hand-packaged, hand-sealed, and hand-labeled in the US, relying on preservative-free, all-natural preservation techniques.

Abundant fruit, fruitful heritage. The Savory Pantry is proud to bring Le Bon Magot to your table. Read our interview with Le Bon Magot®'s Naomi Mobed on our Taste.Savor. Share Blog.

Shrub District

Featured Producer: Shrub District

With a strong affinity for the tart flavor profile, a childhood fondness of all things pickled, and a love of entertaining, Shrub District founder Don Morton began using his home bar as an outlet for his creative energies. Not able to find the quality cocktail ingredients that he wanted to use behind his own bar, and noting the proliferation of inventive producers being enthusiastically received by consumers in Washington, DC, where he lived and worked, Morton saw a gap. Experimenting at home, he began calling back the age-old tradition of making shrubs--originally done to preserve the flavors and fruits of the season by adding vinegar and sugar to them. When he tasted Pineapple Allspice, he knew he had something special; the founding recipe remains one of Shrub District's best sellers.

Today, Don delights in helping customers "brighten their spirits," adding shrub made from fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices. Whether customers choose the Pineapple Allspice, Blueberry Basil, Strawberry Dill, Just Grapefruit, or Lime, each shrub already offers a balance of tart, sweet, and savory undertones. Flavors are "complex but pure, hip but casual. The perfect balance for a busy, rewarding life." "Brighten your spirits" captures the essence of Shrub District, the brightness both a reference for the base vinegar, and an attitude or feeling about life. Every bottle helps home and professional bar tenders stand ready to mix three simple ingredients (usually shrub + liquor + fizz), and within minutes relax and enjoy the peak flavors of summer during any season.

Read our interview with Shrub District's Don Morton on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Lick My Spoon

Featured Producer: Lick My Spoon

When Lick My Spoon was launched in 2013, Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni was making just 4 jars at a time. Just a few years later, the company boasts five consecutive annual Good Food Awards--quite a feat for a caramel sauce experiment that was born out of Kristine's tasting a mass-produced sauce at a party and deciding she could do better.

Inspired by her mother's kitchen which was always filled with scratch-made delights, and placing high value on natural ingredients--using none of the artificial flavorings or preservatives that are hallmarks of the big commercial brands--Kristine set to work. As more friends and customers tasted the not-too-sweet Caramel Sauce with a touch of fleur de sel, its popularity grew. For the packaging, Kristine's mother chose the white-stitched, black grosgrain ribbon and her husband designed the double spoon logo. These labels are now providing jobs--the packaging is completed by teens and young adults from a special needs home who are paid to place the labels.

With her award-winning sauce as their base, she continues to develop more caramel sauces, inspired by "American classics with Italian influences," calling up her family's Italian roots. In The Savory Pantry, you'll find organic rosewater and spicy cardamom lending luscious flavor to Cardamom Rose Caramel Sauce and smoky Kentucky bourbon boozing up Bourbon Me Bourbon Caramel Sauce. If you like tried-and-true, it's impossible to go wrong with the award-winning original Caramel Sauce and Totally Fudged Chocolate Fudge Sauce. Kristine loves using the caramel sauces in savory applications as a salmon or pork glaze, or as cheese accompaniments, although she says their best use is always drizzled warm over high-quality vanilla bean ice cream. Any of them go well with yogurt, pancakes, or waffles.

Taste and we know you'll fall for this is all-around feel good company that invites you to Lick Your Spoon again and again. Ready for more about Lick My Spoon's story? Read our interview with Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Bourbon Barrel Foods

Featured Producer: Bourbon Barrel Foods

The slogan "Eat Your Bourbon" reigns supreme at Louisville, Kentucky-based Bourbon Barrel Foods. A leader in the bourbon and gourmet foods industries, and favorite of celebrity chefs and home cooks alike, Bourbon Barrel Foods' aged sauces, spices, and other culinary and cocktail products all draw on innovative uses of Kentucky bourbon barrels, crafted with care in small batches.

Bourbon Barrel Foods began in 2006 as the only soy sauce microbrewery in the US, with founder and owner Matt Jamie teaching himself the art of soy sauce brewing through online research. Bluegrass Soy Sauce remains the only soy sauce worldwide to be fermented and aged in repurposed bourbon barrels, becoming infused with the mild, smoky sweetness of Kentucky bourbon during the year-long process of aging Kentucky-grown non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and limestone-filtered spring water.

Aside from its unique and acclaimed Bluegrass Soy Sauce, Bourbon Barrel Foods offers an ever-evolving list of delicious bourbon-inspired products including Worcestershire Sauce; Kentuckyaki Sauce (sorghum-sweetened, bourbon flavored, ginger and garlic seasoned teriyaki); Bourbon Smoked Pepper, Sea Salt, and Sugar; Mint Julep Sugar; Pure Cane Sorghum; and a popular cocktail collaboration, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries.

This iconic brand has countless enthusiasts, and we invite you to step into The Savory Pantry and become one! Eager to learn Bourbon Barrel Foods' story? Read our "Meet the Maker" interview with owner and founder Matt Jamie on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.


Featured Producer: Nicolo Verrini for RITROVO Selections

Italian balsamic maker Nicolo Verrini is following in the steps of his grandfather, who began making balsamic vinegars in the 1960s. In his 30s, Nicolo represents a new generation of balsamic makers; he is innovative without straying too far from tradition simply for the sake of creating something trendy. Nicolo's philosophy seems simple: Begin with the very best raw materials and do your best not to ruin what nature has already provided. His results, however, are extraordinary, capturing in beautiful oval bottles the bounty of a particular season in which the featured fruit was at its peak.

Taste his Sofi award-winning Organic Apple Balsamic, and you'll be delivered to the Trentino region of Italy, renowned for its juicy, tart apples. Organic Citrus Balsamic bottles the vibrant expression of refreshing Italian spremuta--fresh juices of lemon and orange mixed together in a tall glass, served cold. Indulge in ruby-tinted Organic Raspberry vinegar and you'll discover a tart counterpoint to fresh fruits, mixed green salads topped with creamy goat cheese, and summer beverages. Each fruit balsamic begins with a base of white balsamic, colored with the juice of the featured fruit. In creating this line of balsamics, Nicolo has worked conscientiously to establish a perfect balance of density, acidity, and sweetness.

The visual appeal of these vinegars make them delightful gifts for any occasion.

Nicolo's balsamics are brought to American customers by RITROVO (from the Italian ritrovare, to find or find again), a Seattle-based company that imports a unique line of artisanal, regionally-focused, and predominantly organic Italian food products--often from generations-old and family-operated farms and production facilities. Co-founders and partners in life Ilyse Rathet and Ron Post--themselves sommeliers and teachers of enogastronomy--are passionate about sharing the stories of their producers, including Nicolo, with whom they worked closely to develop this line of perfectly balanced fruit balsamics.

Read more about Nicolo and RITROVO in our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog post.

Gilda's Biscotti

Featured Producer: Gilda's Biscotti

Gilda Doganiero is committed to tradition. At Gilda's, she adheres to centuries-old Italian methods in the creation of her light, delectable biscotti.

Made from the most wholesome ingredients, including eggs from her own flock of farm hens, Gilda's small batch production ensures the finest, freshest, most authentic biscotti. Hand cut and hand packaged, the light and pleasingly crisp cookies are perfectly paired with coffee, espresso, milk, hot chocolate, tea, and best of all, wine! Gilda's labels, made from vintage photographs of her namesake Italian grandmother and her father, reflect the homage she pays to her roots as she bakes and cuts in her Salem, NJ, bakery.

Amidst the mid-90s coffee boom, herself enjoying the buzzing excitement and proliferation of European-style coffee shops around Philadelphia, Gilda noticed the lack of authentic biscotti. (She was attuned to its dearth because her previous undertaking as a Vail hotel pastry chef had been to perfect an incredibly light, butterless biscotti that was used to accompany all coffee service.) In 1994, lured by the intoxicating coffee scent streaming from the storefront of Philadelphia's La Colombe Torrefazione, Gilda entered, met the owners, and departed on a mission to bake them a batch of her chocolate hazelnut biscotti. They were happily convinced, and La Colombe became her first client, bartering espresso for biscotti. As the biscotti's popularity grew, Gilda knew it was time to leave her job as pastry chef at the Four Seasons and to begin making her artisan biscotti by hand, every day. More than two decades later, the 800 square foot Haddonfield, NJ, apartment in which Gilda's began has become an ample bakery in a converted 70s barbershop, just two miles from their family farm.

Read more about Gilda's Story on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

The Savory Pantry's selection of unique flavors includes Chocolate Espresso, Lemon Fig, Almond Anise, Vanilla Bean, Cherry Pistachio and Dad's Midnight Stash--an assortment of biscotti ends that are ideal for late night nibbling.

Savor Fine Foods

Featured Producer: Savor Fine Foods

André Kreft bakes unconventional works of art for your mouth in the form of small, circular shortbread cookies. For this visual artist turned food artisan, every bite one takes should be a savored celebration. He dares to combine and create buttery bites like Moka Ginger Savory Shortbread with Smoked Black Pepper; Savor Coconut Ginger; and Nicasia Rosemary, Lemon & Smoked Salt. Kreft's little never-too-sweet rounds of delight combine tantalizing flavors inspired by place and by phenomenon.

Kreft's family moved from France to Waterbury, Connecticut, where he grew up a part of an immigrant community. His romantic childhood memories included gathering mussels on the coast in the winter for snowy beach picnics, during which his parents would spiritually connect to their friends and family still across the ocean. From his parents and personal experience, he gleaned that life shouldn't be wasted focusing on trivial matters, dwelling on the past, or awaiting an uncertain future--that now is what we have. Kreft embraces food as an essential part of celebrating the moment.

Order a bag of these tiny treasures today, and the corners of your mouth can't help but turn up, knowing that their tastes and their meaning stretches far beyond the coin of shortbread melting inside. To learn more about André Kreft and Savor Cookies, read our "Meet the Maker" interview with him on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Bushwick Kitchen

Featured Producer: Bushwick Kitchen

Squeeze any Bushwick Kitchen bottle and you will be drizzling Brooklyn's finest inspirations into your cocktail, onto your cheeseboard or pancakes, or into whatever recipe you can concoct.

After accepting a challenge from a friend to launch a successful business from scratch in thirty days with a $5k investment, Bushwick Kitchen's inspired tastes brought soaring success while partners Casey Elsass and Ted Barbeau were still packing boxes from Casey's Brooklyn apartment. Within Bushwick's first ten months, more than $170,000 in revenue had rolled in from their Bees Knees Spicy Honey alone and by their first December, they'd sold 9,500 bottles of it. Taste it, and you'll understand why customers are spreading the word and returning for more.

Now with three lines built on the pillars of honey, maple, and sriracha, Bushwick Kitchen is an entrepreneurial and taste sensation. In addition to Bees Knees Spicy Honey, The Savory Panty stocks holiday limited-edition Gingerbread Maple Syrup, Bees Knees Meyer Lemon Honey, Bees Knees Salted Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple Syrup, Trees Knees Cinnamon Maple Syrup, and Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha. Re-read those descriptions and feel the flavors roll over your tongue.

To learn more about Bushwick's beginnings, see the "Meet the Maker" post on our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog.