Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup

Robb & Lydia Turner
Weight: 12.7 fluid ounces

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Family Owned
Gluten Free
Dutchess County, NY

A delectable pairing of maple and bourbon.

The sap for Crown Maple syrup comes from tens of thousands of century-old sugar and red maple trees on sustainably managed farmland in the Hudson River Valley. Each syrup is painstakingly crafted to deliver unique taste profiles that enhance any recipe - from Saturday morning pancakes to Saturday evening cocktails to complex haute cuisine. The latest offering from Crown Maple features an exquisite combination of pure maple syrup aged in re-purposed bourbon barrels, resulting in an artisan quality syrup with rich, robust flavor.

Naturally, the simplest way to use this heavenly elixir is to pour it straight over waffles, ice cream, peaches or oatmeal, but we encourage other ideas as well. It is divine in fruit salsa, or as a glaze for bacon or grilled pineapple.

Organic Maple Syrup, Natural Bourbon Flavor

Madava Farms, perfectly situated in the historic Hudson River Valley, is home to Crown Maple Syrup - quite possibly, the purest syrup on earth. Owned and sustainably managed by Robb and Lydia Turner, the farm gets its name from the Turner's daughters, Maddie and Ava.

Century-old sugar and red maples thrive on the 800 acre farm, where perfect soil and ideal seasonal weather conditions produce a superior sap for maple sugaring.

Lydia loves the culinary side of the business, and is fascinated with finding and promoting new ways to use pure maple syrup in cooking. Rob is devoted to protecting the forest and the process of producing the purest maple syrup possible.