Patagonia Bee Products

Featured Producer: Patagonia Bee Products

When native Arkansan Jacob Perry went to South America for a backpacking trip in 2011, little did he know that he’d taste a honey whose flavor would captivate him so significantly that he wouldn’t be able to get it out of his mind for years to come. Not only would he launch Patagonia Bee Products to share geographically unique “hive to hand” honeys with the world, but in the process, Patagonia Bee Products would be the impetus for the revision of Chilean law to better support the livelihoods of small beekeepers and food producers, as well as providing economically sustainable support for rain forests. When you insist on the highest standards in taste, beekeeping, and personal relationships, incredible results are possible.

Patagonia Bee Products coined the term “hive to hand” to describe their process of bringing honey from the hive of a beekeeper to the hand of the consumer without much involvement aside from jarring and shipping, ensuring their honey is in the most unmolested, unadulterated form possible, simultaneously preserving its health benefits. Each jar comes from a single beekeeper, preserving the uniqueness of a place and a harvest season. Every beekeeper takes their honey, when ready, to a small plant registered with the Chilean government, where it is simply placed in a jar. It is not pasteurized, ultra-filtered, or homogenized, and nothing is added to it.

In every bite, lick, or drizzle, you’ll experience the lush rainforests of Patagonia as a taste. Like wine, honey imbues flavors and aromas from the flowering trees visited by the bees who make it, imparting luscious floral properties into the honey. Since the hives that yield Ulmo, Tiaca, and Tineo honeys (named for the flowers pollinated by the bees producing them) border the pristine, native, largely untouched rainforests of Chile, a single taste instantly transports you. Because these flowers are endemic to the virgin rainforest, Patagonia is the only place in the world these honeys are found. You’ll be hard pressed to find honey more delicious and pure.

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Gilda's Biscotti

Featured Producer: Gilda's Biscotti

Gilda Doganiero is committed to tradition. At Gilda’s, she adheres to centuries-old Italian methods in the creation of her light, delectable biscotti.

Made from the most wholesome ingredients, including eggs from her own flock of farm hens, Gilda's small batch production ensures the finest, freshest, most authentic biscotti. Hand cut and hand packaged, the light and pleasingly crisp cookies are perfectly paired with coffee, espresso, milk, hot chocolate, tea, and best of all, wine! Gilda’s labels, made from vintage photographs of her namesake Italian grandmother and her father, reflect the homage she pays to her roots as she bakes and cuts in her Salem, NJ, bakery.

Amidst the mid-90s coffee boom, herself enjoying the buzzing excitement and proliferation of European-style coffee shops around Philadelphia, Gilda noticed the lack of authentic biscotti. (She was attuned to its dearth because her previous undertaking as a Vail hotel pastry chef had been to perfect an incredibly light, butterless biscotti that was used to accompany all coffee service.) In 1994, lured by the intoxicating coffee scent streaming from the storefront of Philadelphia’s La Colombe Torrefazione, Gilda entered, met the owners, and departed on a mission to bake them a batch of her chocolate hazelnut biscotti. They were happily convinced, and La Colombe became her first client, bartering espresso for biscotti. As the biscotti’s popularity grew, Gilda knew it was time to leave her job as pastry chef at the Four Seasons and to begin making her artisan biscotti by hand, every day. More than two decades later, the 800 square foot Haddonfield, NJ, apartment in which Gilda’s began has become an ample bakery in a converted 70s barbershop, just two miles from their family farm.

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The Savory Pantry’s selection of unique flavors includes Chocolate Espresso, Lemon Fig, Almond Anise, Vanilla Bean, Cherry Pistachio and Dad's Midnight Stash—an assortment of biscotti ends that are ideal for late night nibbling.

Liber & Co

Featured Producer: Liber & Co

Austin, Texas-based Liber & Co’s essential cocktail syrups have a loyal following in their own back yard and nationwide. Liber, meaning “the free one,” was the Roman god of fine drinks and good times. Launched in 2011 by Texas natives Robert Higginbotham, Adam Higginbotham, and Chris Harrison, Liber & Co’s goal is to equip home bartenders with the cocktail mixers they need to replicate drinks at the best bars in the world. They love to suggest great recipes, but thrive on the idea that people will use their products to come up with unique expressions of themselves and their tastes, empowering customers to follow their own intuitions and use their creativity to come up with concoctions that are entirely new.

The Savory Pantry proudly stocks every Liber & Co.’s Spiced Tonic, Fiery Ginger, Tropical Passion Fruit, Classic Gum, and Almond Orgeat Syrups, as well as their Texas Grapefruit Shrub. Make their festive Burlesque Martini for your New Year’s fete or see our blog archives to serve The Savory Pantry’s Fiery Rasperback Cocktail (featuring their Fiery Ginger Syrup). Any way you pour it, Liber & Co brings incredible, original taste to your glass!

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Savor Fine Foods

Featured Producer: Savor Fine Foods

André Kreft bakes unconventional works of art for your mouth in the form of small, circular shortbread cookies. For this visual artist turned food artisan, every bite one takes should be a savored celebration. He dares to combine and create buttery bites like Moka Ginger Savory Shortbread with Smoked Black Pepper; Savor Coconut Ginger; and Nicasia Rosemary, Lemon & Smoked Salt. Kreft’s little never-too-sweet rounds of delight combine tantalizing flavors inspired by place and by phenomenon.

Kreft’s family moved from France to Waterbury, Connecticut, where he grew up a part of an immigrant community. His romantic childhood memories included gathering mussels on the coast in the winter for snowy beach picnics, during which his parents would spiritually connect to their friends and family still across the ocean. From his parents and personal experience, he gleaned that life shouldn’t be wasted focusing on trivial matters, dwelling on the past, or awaiting an uncertain future—that now is what we have. Kreft embraces food as an essential part of celebrating the moment.

Order a bag of these tiny treasures today, and the corners of your mouth can’t help but turn up, knowing that their tastes and their meaning stretches far beyond the coin of shortbread melting inside. To learn more about André Kreft and Savor Cookies, read our “Meet the Maker” interview with him on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Little Belgians

Featured Producer: Little Belgians

From special molds, Evy Ballegeer creates traditional crispy bites that are favorite coffee and tea accompaniments in her native Belgium. Made rich and complex with organic butter and nine spices—including cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper, and ginger—speculoos (meaning mirrors, as they are perfect reflections of their molds) are edible pieces of art. From her Berkeley, California, bakery Evy revives her history, heritage, and childhood memories in these delectable tributes to a national tradition intended to bring people together as they savor every bite.

Expanding on this tradition, Little Belgians has recently elevated a camping classic. Their s’mores incorporate handmade, all-natural marshmallows from Bay-area-local The Candy and small squares of also-local TCHO chocolate. These cookies for these cutest-ever-s’mores are made from a “campfire” mold.

When you gift or enjoy these memorable treats from The Savory Pantry, you share the spirit and tradition baked into every Little Belgian cookie.

Bushwick Kitchen

Featured Producer: Bushwick Kitchen

Squeeze any Bushwick Kitchen bottle and you will be drizzling Brooklyn’s finest inspirations into your cocktail, onto your cheeseboard or pancakes, or into whatever recipe you can concoct.

After accepting a challenge from a friend to launch a successful business from scratch in thirty days with a $5k investment, Bushwick Kitchen’s inspired tastes brought soaring success while partners Casey Elsass and Ted Barbeau were still packing boxes from Casey’s Brooklyn apartment. Within Bushwick’s first ten months, more than $170,000 in revenue had rolled in from their Bees Knees Spicy Honey alone and by their first December, they’d sold 9,500 bottles of it. Taste it, and you’ll understand why customers are spreading the word and returning for more.

Now with three lines built on the pillars of honey, maple, and sriracha, Bushwick Kitchen is an entrepreneurial and taste sensation. In addition to Bees Knees Spicy Honey, The Savory Panty stocks holiday limited-edition Gingerbread Maple Syrup, Bees Knees Meyer Lemon Honey, Bees Knees Salted Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple Syrup, Trees Knees Cinnamon Maple Syrup, and Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha. Re-read those descriptions and feel the flavors roll over your tongue.

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